I think one or two of you were baffled by my sudden hiatus from the internet. I'd be playing it down if I didn't say that I was flattered by that!

Sooooo. If you've been wondering what happened, I was in Uganda from the second of April right thru to the twenty seventh. That actually means that I arrived back in London yesterday. I'm preparing a tumblr which I will use to display my few photos, with scans of all of my little journal notes and letters to self that will divulge as much of my journey as I can manage within the next two or three days as I start to settle down and then I need to consider getting a job before I go back to my old routine! I'm hoping I get to be the independent book shoppe girl. Hope hope hope.

While I was away my dad came over to London because my cousin got married. He bought me this perfume. It's called Miss Dior Chérie and it smells of soap. Men do not understand perfume. If you are a man please never buy me a perfume unless you are absolutely certain that I love it already. Actually, the only kind of men that would be interested enough in me to buy me perfume would probably be really effeminate so they would probably have a better understanding of the art of fragrance. 

The packaging is divine and has a little bow - so it totally appeals to me... In that I will be keeping the bottle forever but I will be using the perfume as bedroom deodorant. 

I bought myself this keyring at Gucci in Duty Free. I like Duty Free. I can't work out if it's tacky or not, but I love it so much that I don't really care. It's gold and it's heart shaped.

Okay, I absolutely promise to post something of substance at some point when I am a little more settled. This was just a post to inform you all that I am alive, that I miss you and that I intend to catch up on at least one entry of yours each. If you're really lovely, you'll leave a comment giving me one update about your life. 

Here are three of mine.

- I am no longer taking antidepressants. I quit cold turkey upon the first day of my arrival in Uganda and I've not looked back.
- I've almost entirely decided that I will be living in Uganda within the next five years.
- I am still fucking single.

I've also updated Milk and Pillows, GodsGirls and Twitter if you're interested!



Catherine & Louis turned up at my haus todae! We went out for dinner at a fabulous local italian restaurant! We ate fried calamari and bread with olive oil and vinegar with olives for starters and I had a lamb shank with tomato salad and gravy while Louis had lots of exotic sea food. I tried oysters for the first time (I stole them off Louis' plate, ofcourse!) and Catherine ate a delicious veggie pizza. 


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Constantly losing people and belongings I never thought I would has taught me that nothing is stuck with me forever apart from my'self'. So... I guess this is my justification for selfishness and my pursuit of happiness taking precedence over yours. I am unapologetic and I think you should be glad I am this way, rather than disappointed. It is not at all terrible. It is rather human and for me to point it out is to be honest with both myself and you. So be glad you've met an honest friend.


I shoved Louis' sketchbook in his hands & told him to draw me on the fourteenth. Here are the pictures he drew. I think he was afraid to draw me chubbier because in reality I am on the plumper side of average and I think my arms and legs look a lot thinner than they really are. These were very quick scribbles because I fidget and grow impatient fast. Louis has a livejournal. You should add him.



Louis is beside me in his bedroom plugging in the hair dryer and about to blowdry his underwear that I got wet when I poured a glass of water down the back of his top. He got me back by chasing me up the stairs and pouring water on my trousers as I fell to the floor trying to lock myself in the upstairs bathroom.

We are presently watching The Devil's Backbone.. or it's playing on his PS2 and we are about to go to sleep again. I kick Louis out of his bed and he lets me do that because he is the best. He also lets me steal his food. His mother gave me a pair of tracksuit bottoms that say 'CANDY' on the back. Win. She said they would make me look sexy. Do you agree!? I agree.

Last night we ate lots (although not anywhere near as much as we just ate for breakfast!) and we watched Frida, I am Legend and we tried watching R-point. R-point sucked hard. I actually fell asleep. Although when I woke up I saw Louis had put on Summer Heights High for me. :)

My valentines day presents were a Andrea Bocelli CD, a Twilight Poster with Edward on it and the Frida DVD. You know when there are people in your life that buy you presents you truly want? He did that! I love my gifts more than anything. Best Valentines ever!

Oh, and I just got an email from someone who dreamt about me. Meow!

Ok. Now I need to go pee, and then I'm going to lie on Louis' bed and hopefully fall back asleep.


What was I waiting for? Waiting for the bubble to burst ... over your stagnant pauses.

Can’t cure what your devil don’t see - or light a fire below the death of me. We’ve shot through all of our causes, days spin through my heart that sever the love - kill all the pain - with shame. I won’t be lost without you. I’ve found a way to get through - now I’m up and running, strong enough to walk away and leave you all alone - I won’t be lost.

What were you waiting for? Waiting for the straw to break over the back of desperate ways?

You were a dream to me. Now you’re nothing but a heart that bleeds - I’ll wash you off and carry on.

And when I see you - I find another reason to keep myself from getting lost in you.

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